yazıhane” focusing on young art writers is realized with the support fund of the Netherlands consulate-general. (2020-21)

Project aims strengthen the cultural ties between Turkey and Netherlands by bringing together Turkish art writers and Dutch artists and institutions.

Six art writers will be selected from across Turkey, and they will both produce and be paid royalties during the training that will last for 12 months. Ayşegül Sönmez, the founder of the website www.sanatatak.com focusing mainly on interviews and criticism on art as content, Fırat Arapoğlu, reporter and freelance journalist, curator, art historian, and Rahmi Öğdül -critic and art and culture critic, will serve as judges and mentors.

At the end of the process, there will be 30 articles and as the final project, there will be 6 written interviews that will be done accompanied by a professional photographer. Each writer will write every two months and 3 articles will be published on the website every month. At the end of the process, each writer will have 5 articles and 1 interview, and the writers will be offered co-editorship among themselves. Articles and interviews will be published on yazıhane which is part of the website www.narmanlisanat.com

Each writer will write at least two articles (one of which may be an interview) on a Dutch artist or institution, which will be translated into English and they should consult and collaborate with the AICA Netherlands.

Against the non-payment of the royalties, which is quite problematic in Turkey, royalty fees will be paid per article, writers will be able to participate in Narmanlı Sanat workshops (art history, literature, philosophy workshops which are paid workshops for the outside participants), and the authors will have group meetings with Ayşegül Sönmez, Fırat Arapoğlu, and Rahmi Öğdül via online channels (Covid-19) and their text will be revised by the names stated above.

As the final project, they will be asked to select the person to be interviewed on the date to be determined, do the necessary research, and produce a professional interview.  A photographer will be provided for the interview.

Open Call

– Two writing samples in the Turkish language, in Word file format,

– A paragraph of no more than 300 words indicating which period, material, and themes he/she is interested  in art history along with his/her CV will be requested.

* Transportation expenses will be covered for people who will attend from outside Istanbul, but due to COVID, it seems that our meetings will take place via Zoom.

Duygu Barlas

Duygu Barlas, Bilge Alkor Koleksiyon Evi ile işbirliği çerçevesinde Narmanlı Sanat projesini hayata geçirdi. Fransız Geçidi’nde konumlanan Narmanlı Sanat’ın ikinci alanı olan deneyim ve sergileme mekanını kurdu. Sanat yazarlarını odağına alan “yazıhane” eğitim programını tasarladı. Bağımsız küratör olarak projeler yürütmekte.

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